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Debbie Barrett

Target: 1,000 miles

I’m Debbie and I first came across the charity Me&Dee though the networking events I have attended for the last 18 months. I recognised the importance and impact of the work the charity does to support families who are going through so much already with treatment and living with life limiting and terminal illness and knew I wanted to help if I could.

My physical health can really fluctuate and I knew that at the moment I’d really struggle with a more physically demanding challenge so I loved this idea of committing to a consistent but manageable amount of steps daily for 8 months, something which is more than I usually do but not beyond the realms of achieving. In fact, having done seriously hard challenges before which can be done in a burst of activity, the challenge for me here will be sticking to something every day for such a long period of time! But this is something which will improve my physical and emotional well being, whilst raising awareness and generating funds for such a fantastic local charity too, so I am fully committed to sticking to it, no matter how hard I may find it initially to consistently do more walking.

As a nation we could all do with the reminder that a small act taken daily to improve our health/fitness/wellbeing can have a massive impact on us over the course of time; that’s the compound effect in action. So this challenge really fits with my ethos in life and in business and I’m super excited to be part of it.



Thursday, 22 August, 2019

6.48 Km (4.03 Miles)