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I am Joanne Cooper. I run Joanne Cooper Photography. I shoot things: I shoot people, I shoot products and I shoot events for businesses. I do it so that they look great in front of their customers, so they spend money with them rather than their competitors. I can do that from the ground and now from the air. I have permissions from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) to fly my drone commercially. It’s all so exciting. Seeing the world from the air is a fascinating thing. And everyone has started calling me Captain!

I have been friends with Maria, and supporting Me and Dee, for a good few years now. Since I joined 4N (April 2018) and started attending the Me and Dee Networking Group I have got to know more and more about what they provide and how they do that. Also, I have a friend whose grandson was terribly poorly and Me and Dee helped give him and his family some magnificent memories. Thankfully he is still with us and, hopefully, getting stronger and better. The benefits and support the family received from Maria was stunning, subtle and perfect. Maria and Mark do so much, and it means so much to the families they help. And I have seen that from both sides.

When I heard what Marion and Vicky had come up with to raise money for Me and Dee I couldn’t wait to get involved. I peeked a little early going for a 10 mile walk 5 days before we started this challenge – but it’s all good practice. The friendships that come from this escapade will last a lifetime and we are hoping that we can raise enough to give time to families to make memories to last their lifetime too.

Please support us in any way you can.


Tuesday, 20 August, 2019

1.50 Miles